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Country Course Germany

Germany is one of Europe’s most important economies. But besides that what else is there to know about this country to be even more successful in doing business with the Germans?

Our short learning units with integrated videos, useful examples and clear dos’ & don’ts will help you to learn more about Germany’s business culture and business etiquette. By the end of the units you will feel more comfortable and confident in dealing with your German business partners.


Learning objectives: to know about central topics of the German business life and to feel comfortable when in contact with German business partners in order to reliably and calmly achieve the set business objectives.



You will get this from our country course ‘Germany’:

  • Useful dos’ & don’ts.
  • Facts and figures about Germany
  • Deeper understanding of the German culture, culture standards and values.
  • Insight in German business culture and communication style.
  • Based on that you will be able to recognize and solve recurring critical situations in order to meet business challenges effectively.


We focus on the following aspects:

Raise of awareness for the challenges in collaboration with Germans.


German Business Culture:

Communication style: Germans are usually perceived as being very blunt with what they say. This shows also in the way they give feedback. In our learning units you will get best practices of how to best deal with direct communication.

Task orientation and analytical approach: Focus on the task at hand and thorough investigation of the whole setup is essential to Germans in business life. In a business context, personal relations are usually seen as a nice extra, but do not carry too much importance. In this learning unit you will learn how to deal with German task orientation and you will learn how to gain trust of your German business partners.



Duration of the learning units: 4,5h


Your investment:


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