Intercultural Workshops

Are you starting or managing an international project? Would you like to develop your multicultural teams or manage culture-related conflicts in your team? Our intercultural workshops help you to raise effectiveness within your international teams.


During all phases of the workshop all participants play an active part in the process. Reflection and roll-clarification phases pave the way for productive teamwork. Intensive feedback-processes regarding personal behaviour and attitudes intensify the mutual development process. We combine team exercises with practice-oriented tasks and specific measures in order to ensure your success in implementation and team development.


Format & Duration:

This workshop is only available as an in-house event for companies

Select from 5 different training languages: German, English, Italian, French and Spanish.


The duration of the face-to-face workshop is designed to meet your needs, your participants' learning objectives and the size of the group.


To optimise the effectiveness of the learning process we offer optional Blended Learning elements from our assist Virtual Campus.


Please contact us for further information.

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