Intercultural onboarding

Part of our Winning the War for Talents Series

What can you expect from our Intercultural Onboarding training?                        

In this training course you will learn how to create an open-minded culture towards culturally different behaviours and approaches to successfully integrate team members from other cultures. You will discover what our brain needs to be able to build trust and to open up in-groups in teams and departments. After this training, you will be aware of key aspects of your own cultural normalities and will have consdered how these may differ from the cultural orientation system of your new team members. Furthermore, you will understand how to create strategies for mutual acceptance and multicultural learning from each other inside your organisation.

The focus of the training is:

  • Cultural Awareness in the workplace: increasing your sensitivity when integrating new team members.
  • Understanding intercultural value systems and orientation systems.
  • Managing stumbling blocks in intercultural integration
  • Dealing with stereotypes as a barrier to integration
  • How to build trusting relationships across cultural backgrounds
  • Cultural communication and listening styles in the workplace

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How do we train?

This training is available as an in-house event for companies.

Our Blended Learning solutions are designed to meet your requirements, preferences and the learning objectives of your participants.

We offer live training either as live face-to-face classroom training or as online training. Whether live face-to-face or live online training, our live training is characterised by a high level of active doing, interaction & learning transfer.

In advance of the training we can provide preparatory learning and exercise sequences in your dedicated virtual classroom on our assist Virtual Campus.

This enables us to optimise the time in the live training for hands-on learning and learning transfer.

The access to online learning content after the live training ensures the long-term sustainability of newly developed competencies.

The learning content on the assist Virtual Campus is specifically designed for mobile learning on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Choose your training language: We offer our training in English, German, French, Italian or Spanish.

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