What can you expect from our Virtual Kick-Off Workshops?                     

Design the kick-off of your virtual teamwork online to provide a first basis for joint goal setting and relationship building. You work in a virtual team in a new project. Prerequisite for successful cooperation is a common goal-setting process, getting to know each other and agreements on joint co-operation in everyday business and projects. In four moderated web sessions you will develop your common understanding of project and team work.

The four online sessions are guided and supervised by an experienced moderator who has experience and expertise in moderating virtual workshops and in intercultural, virtual teamwork.

How do we run our online kick-off sessions process?

Online Kick- off Session 1: Introductions & Trust building

  • Mutual introduction of the team members
  • Structured recognition of commonalities as a basis for trust
  • Presentation of mutual expectations of the project
  • Explanation of the possibilities of regular relationship maintenance over distance


Online Kick-Off Session: Our Common Purpose

  • Moderated dialogue for joint goal setting
  • Reflection of the project objectives from the perspective of the respective participants
  • Development of a common team goal
  • Determination of the team name as a further tool of the team identity


Online Kick-off Session 3: Our Long-Distance Team Communication

  • Moderation of the ‘Ways of Working in our team:
  • Which media do we use to convey information?
  • Which media do we use to exchange content?
  • How do we create transparency in our communication?
  • Who is responsible for the transparency of our team communication?


Online Kick-off session 4: Managing our differences

  • How do we deal with different expectations in the team?
  • How do we deal with cultural differences?
  • How do we give ourselves feedback?
  • How do we deal with conflicts in the virtual team?