Country-specific, intercultural coaching with optional, integrated, innovative learning formats.


What can you expect from Intercultural Coaching?

Our intercultural training takes place as Blended Live Online Coaching (BLOC). Face-to-face coaching or live online coaching sessions are complemented by asynchronous learning content in the virtual classroom.

This enables your preparation for your leadership role in a foreign country or when dealing with a different culture. 


Our Global Trainer Network

Over the last 25 years we have built up a Worldwide Trainer Network consisting of over 50 renowned intercultural country experts who can prepare you for your foreign assignment or your intercultural teamwork.  

Your specific learning objectives are gathered in advance to ensure customisation to your individual needs. Online self-study augments your preparation and support your implementation. 


Example topics which are addressed in our Blended Live Online Coaching (BLOC):  

  • Understanding the cultural value and orientation systems of your target culture 
  • Communication styles in your target culture 
  • Handling pitfalls in your intercultural communication successfully 
  • Cultural differences in approaches to problem solving 
  • Succesful relationship building in business life in your target culture. 
  • Intercultural leadership; Roles and expectations in your target culture 
  • Dealing with attitudes to time and planning in your target culture 
  • Intercultural conflict resolution strategies 
  • Do‘s, don‘ts & Taboos when working with your target culture 


Example questions to be answered in the intercultural coaching: 

  • What impression do I make on my counterparts from the target country? 
  • How important can hierarchy be in this culture? 
  • Which statements can I rely on? 
  • What are the biggest differences in mentality between my culture and the target culture? 
  • Which topics can I address directly and which should I avoid? 
  • How do I formulate culturally appropriate instructions? 
  • What do I need to consider when leading in this culture? 
  • Was ist bei der Mitarbeiterführung zu beachten? 
  • Which preferred working styles might I expect in this culture? 
  • Which customs do I really need to consider? 

Get to know us

How do we coach?

We design your intercultural coaching with an optimum of learning efficiency and sustainability and taking your availability, learning objectives and wishes into consideration.

Please contact us for further information. We are happy to help you.

Interviews with our country experts: