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What does our Intercultural Consulting offer you?

  • International Recruiting:  Intercultural differences play a significant role in global recruitment and in the selection process for international companies. If you are recruiting staff and management from or for other countries, knowledge of cultural differences in recruitment and application procedures is essential. We provide you with intercultural competence for selecting the right personnel for your organisation.
  • International Personnel Development: Your international team members and co-workers bring different competences and approaches with them. With the appropriate application of tools and online methodologies, you can determine the growth areas of teams and individuals from other countries, which enables you to focus on their development according to their needs.
  • International Marketing & Sales: Success in marketing your products and services abroad will be achieved if you understand the important differences in marketing.  This enables you to address your international target groups culturally appropriately and to avoid cultural faux pas in intercultural marketing. To sell in foreign countries, you need to apply the right international and intercultural sales strategies. We support you in the expansion of your business abroad.
  • Offshoring Consulting:  Would you like to outsource your production with offshoring or farshoring projects? Which country is the right one for you? Contact us. We will support the planning and implementation of your cross-border, international projects in other cultures. 

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