This training equips you with the skills you need to develop and deliver online training courses and lessons with different content.

What can you expect in this Live Online Train-the-Trainer?

Effective online training means applying your own trainer style to the context of the Live Online Training to create wavelength to your learners, as well as applying trainer skills in the online training room to activate, motivate and inspire your participants.

Furthermore, you need the ability to structure the didactic learning process when designing your online training courses, lessons andexercises to ensure the transfer into practice. In so doing replicate the successful Learner Experience of your participants in the onloneclassroom

The focus of the training is:

  • Your trainer personality and charisma in online training
  • Specific individual feedback with video analysis based on your relevant live sequences
  • Verbal, paraverbal and nonverbal communication in online training in a targeted manner
  • Systematically addressing and reaching your participants
  • Dealing with questions in online training
  • Visualization tips for powerpoint, whiteboard and live flipchart
  • Selecting and using conference software tool (either Webex or Zoom)
  • Trouble Shooting for technical problems
  • Self management in challenging online training situations
  • Formulating, defining and achieving learning goals for online training
  • Considering homogeneous and heterogeneous participant goals and needs
  • Integrating knowledge of learning psychology into your concept
  • Planning optimal processes: session and program design using the example of the seminar content you have brought with you
  • Designing openers and conclusions in online seminars
  • Activate participants: Targeted questions and the use of appropriate tools in online training
  • Online learning: Design and use exercises, group, individual and partner work successfully
  • Offline learning: Targeted use of individual preparation and follow-up of online sessions

Sustainability in online training: Ensuring learning transfer

Get to know us

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How do we train?

This training is available as an in-house event for companies.

Our Blended Learning solutions are designed to meet your requirements, preferences and the learning objectives of your participants.

We offer this training as live online training, characterised by a high level of active doing, interaction & learning transfer.

In advance of the training we provide preparatory learning and exercise sequences in your dedicated virtual classroom on our assist Virtual Campus.

This enables us to optimise the time in the live online training for hands-on learning and learning transfer.

The access to online learning content after the live online training ensures the long-term sustainability of newly developed competencies.

The learning content on the assist Virtual Campus is specifically designed for mobile learning on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Choose your training language: We offer our training in English, German, French, Italian or Spanish.

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