Kick-off workshops for virtual cross-cultural teams.

What can you expect from a global kick-off workshop?                                                             

Establishing a sense of identity and belonging in an intercultural virtual team is essential. This sense of belonging, the working towards a common goal provides the basis to motivate the team to reach high performance standards and to achieve their goals. Our kick-off event enables you to achieve a clear, focused start to your teamwork and to ensure effective and cooperative international cooperation. Trusting relationships between those involved in the project need to be developed and maintained. The team members need to reach consensus on how they can communicate with each other most effectively across the miles.

The focus of the training is:

  • Creating an understanding of the special challenges facing remote teams.
  • Developing a common Mission Statement to bind the team together.
  • Creating team spirit and optimism concerning the future.
  • Generating enthusiasm for the common values and goals of your
  • Utilising the know-⁠how, the intelligence and the creative powers of
       all involved.
  • Assuring long-⁠term optimisation of your teamwork.
  • Installing mutually agreed and accepted communication processes in
       your team.
  • Understanding cultural differences in your global team

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