Hybrid Team Workshop (HyT)


What can you expect from your Hybrid Team Workshop (HyT)?

Are you faced with the restriction that some participants can take part in the workshop on site and some online? In your Hybrid Teamworkshop (HyT) we design a joint, interactive exchange process where everyone is actively involved. Does your team work in different locations, nationally or internationally? Is your team newly formed or looking for an opportunity to actively improve teamwork? Would you like to increase the sense of belonging and/or improve the team spirit? Would you like to align on important strategic topics in the team?

Our hybrid team workshop systematically addresses your issues and challenges.


Objectives of Hybrid Teamworkshops (HyT):

  • Kick-off for virtual, intercultural teams
  • Conflict resolution in the storming phase of your virtual team
  • Ensuring sustainable optimisation of cooperation
  • Installation of team cooperation guidelines
  • Developing your team mission statement
  • Developing your common strategy
  • Developing a sense of belonging and confidence for your future as a team.
  • Learning to understand the impact of cultural differences in the team.

How do we structure the Hybrid Teamworkshop (HyT)?

Your Hybrid Teamworkshop (HyT) consists of short, interactive plenary sessions and several hybrid small group breakout phases.
We bring the expertise and also the technology! With our Hybrid Team Workshop (HyT), our facilitators are equipped with the  necessary facilitation expertise as well as the required technology, including 360° cameras, speakerphones, webcams and collaboration software to make your team workshop a success.

The duration of your Hybrid Team Workshop (HyT) depends on your specific goals and needs.

Feel free to contact us to find out more about our hybrid Teamworkshops (HyT)