Intercultural negotiations can only be successful if the business partners involved are able to achieve a sensible, culturally-appropriate process of dialogue and of mutual decision-making.

What can you expect from our international negotiation training?

This intercultural negotiation training course is designed for international project managers, leaders and consultants who would like to improve their personal ability to manage intercultural negotiations. This ability requires on the one hand an understanding of the principles of solution-oriented negotiation. On the other hand, an awareness in which ways negotiation is influenced by culture. Because how we perceive behaviour and how we communicate in negotiations are decisive factors in intercultural negotiation situations.

The focus of the training is:

  • Intercultural awareness in international negotiations
  • Understanding and applying the strategies of the Harvard negotiation model combined with intercultural competence
  • Negotiations with partners from different countries: discovering the differences in perception in negotiation situations
  • Learning how to handle different, culturally influenced differences in relationships, rules and behaviours successfully
  • Experiencing how to develop creative solutions with business partners
  • Analysing cultural orientation systems and culture-specifics of selected cultures
  • Intercultural awareness and the management of cultural differences

How do we train?

This training is only available as an in-house event for companies.
Select from 5 different training languages: German, English, Italian, French and Spanish.

The duration of the face-to-face training is designed to meet your needs, your participants’ learning objectives and the size of the group.

To optimise the effectiveness of the learning process we offer optional Blended Learning elements from our assist Virtual Campus.

Please contact us for further information.