Europe’s popular, demanding and comprehensive intercultural Train-the-Trainer Programme.


Intercultural Business Trainer/Moderator (IBT/M) Programme

A combination of Blended Live Online and face-to-face training

Now available for residents of Germany! Up to 100% state funding!!

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In this unique, English language, practical Train-the-Trainer programme you will gain the skills, and develop an understanding of the content you need to create and implement intercultural and international live online and face-to-face training courses, seminars and workshops. Assist International HR has been delivering this challenging, skills-focused IBT/M Train-the-Trainer programme with a team of highly professional trainers for over 12 years. The IBT/M programme is the established market leader.

Our intercultural trainer and facilitator programme equips you with the tools and skills you need to work as a trainer and moderator in the international corporate context. The programme is recognised and accredited by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für interkulturelle Trainingsqualität e.V (DGIKT) as well as the Akkreditierungs-⁠ und Zulassungsverordnung Arbeitsförderung (AZAV).


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Is the IBT/M programme right for you?

For experienced trainers: Our IBT/M programme is suitable for you if you already work as a corporate or freelance trainer, consultant or facilitator.
For newcomers: The IBT/M training is suitable for you if you would like to work as an intercultural trainer and/or moderator, live online or face-to-face. Our participants benefit from the diverse range of knowledge, experience and backgrounds of each learning group.


Are you right for the IBT/M training?

The decisive prerequisites for participation in the IBT/M programme are, above all, that you bring with you the necessary ambition, thirst for knowledge, joy of learning and teaching. In addition, you should carry a high level of appreciation for other cultures and norms. The live online training days and the face to face module in particular require a high level of energy and commitment from you as a participant, as well as the desire to try things out hands-on and to learn from the feedback you receive.
While the IBT/M programmeis a lot of fun, the programme is no picnic.The IBT/M programme is not for the faint-hearted and is not intended for the mass market. If we haven’t frightened you off with that statement, please contact us.


How can you find out more about the quality of the IBT/M programme?

That’s easy: Speak to our Alumni! IBT/M has an extremely high level of participant satisfaction. Our past participants are happy to tell you about their experiences as a participant in the IBT/M programme. Just drop us a line and we will give you the contact details of as many former participants as you like to be able to judge the quality of the IBT/M programme for yourself.
At the end of the page you can read some participants‘ testimonials about the IBT/M programme.

Feedback from our past participants

A short overview of our Intercultural Train-the-Trainer programme

What is so special about the Intercultural Business Trainer/Moderator (IBT/M) Programme?

    • IBT/M is Europe’s most demanding, most comprehensive and most practical Train-The-Trainer/Moderator programme.
    • The focus of the IBT/ programme is the development of your trainer and facilitator competence for live online as well as live face-to-face training and workshops  You will be both supported and challenged by an international, multicultural trainer team with many years of experience in corporate business.
    • The IBT/M programme is unique and extensive with 6 live online training days and 8 face-to-face classroom days and a blended learning programme consisting of websessions, e-learning, training videos, peer coaching & project work.
    • You will receive 6 live online training days and 8face-to-face classroom dayswith intensive participant support.  Participation is limited to 14 participants per group. With 9 or more participants we usually run the modules with 2 trainers.
    • The IBT/M programme takes place in English. Besides the development of your intercultural and train-the-trainer competence you can become ready to deliver your training courses and workshops in English.As a result you can deliver training courses across the globe. 
    • The Intercultural Business Trainer/Moderator (IBT/M)is a part time programme consisting of 6 intensive live online training days and 8 face-to-face classroom days in 6 modules spread over 6 months.
    • Between the modules you secure the sustainability of your learning and expand your knowledge in the moderated virtual classroomof your learning group on our assist Virtual Campus.
    • You reflect on what you have learned with your learning partner in Peer Coaching exchange between the modules. Consequently, you deepen and strengthen your learning process for the long-term.
    • Your project worksupports you in the development of your ability to design your own training courses. At the end of the IBT/M programme you will have developed your own concepts which you can use in your own live online or face-to-face training courses . 
    • You will expand your moderation competence to design and deliver your own international and intercultural workshops live online and face-to-face.
    • You will deepen your knowledge of experiential learning and get to know different activities and simulations. Furthermore, you will develop the competence to design your own exercises and simulations.
    • The final exam consists of a practicalelement in the development and delivery of a workshop in your learning group and in the presentation of your own intercultural training or international course you have designed during the IBT/M programme.
    • You will learn from a qualified, experienced and renowned trainer team with many years of practical experience in the international business training and moderation context.
    • The programme is recognised and accredited by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für interkulturelle Trainingsqualität e.V (DGIKT) as well as the Akkreditierungs-⁠ und Zulassungsverordnung Arbeitsförderung (AZAV).


What are the objectives of the IBT/M programme?

The primary aim of the IBT/M programme is the development your trainer and moderator skills for the international and intercultural stage, both face-to-face and live online. In advance of most of the learning modules, you will learn the most important and relevant theoretical models relating to the upcoming module in the form of an interactive websession with a member of the trainer team. This way, we are able to optimise the practical elements and increase the opportunities for hands-on learning in the classroom modules.


What are the contents of the IBT/M programme?

IBT/M1: Intercultural Business Communication Basics (2 days online training)

In our basic module you will acquire a practical foundation of the most common and important models and concepts of intercultural theory. You will increase your cultural understanding and learn about different approaches to intercultural awareness. We introduce you to a practical process for acquiring intercultural competence. You will discover the advantages and disadvantages of the most common approaches used in intercultural training to understand and compare cultures. We place a particular focus on the transfer of learning of our seminar participants. You will also gain an introduction to different methods used to increase intercultural awareness and in different areas in intercultural training.


 IBT/M2: Trainer/Moderator Skills (Websession + 3 days face to face training)

The trainer skills module focuses on your personal style as an intercultural trainer and facilitator. You will improve your use of non-verbal and verbal communication to effectively motivate and activate your participants and receive (video) feedback on your training delivery and style You will practice the targeted development of wavelength to the learning group as the basis of the relationship level. You will learn how to structure learning units effectively, taking into account the learning styles and perception channels of your participants.
As an intercultural facilitator, you have the task of leading the agenda in the workshop to a successful conclusion from the very beginning, with clearly defined actions and results. In doing so, it is important to accompany and control the dynamics in the group of participants, taking intercultural diversity into account. In this hands-on module, you will practise using appropriate facilitation tools in the role of the intercultural facilitator.
Using practical exercises, you will master how to deal with questions and difficult training situations in intercultural trainings and workshops. You will stand in front of the group every day and receive intensive (video) feedback. This makes you aware of your strengths and you will work together intensively on improving your learning areas. To ensure sustainability and for self-reflection, you will receive your video recordings after the attendance module.


IBTM3: Training Design & Activities: Developing Intercultural Trainings (Websession + 3 days face to face training)

Intercultural communication exercises, experiential exercises, role plays, case methodologies and simulations are among the most important methods used in intercultural training to increase intercultural sensitivity and improve intercultural competence. In this module, you will experience a range of commonly used simulations and activities and recognise what to look for when briefing, conducting and debriefing simulations and activities.
Furthermore, in this module you will learn how to design your own trainings from the basic idea to the finished training guide. How to meaningfully consider participant goals and needs, how to gather appropriate resources, how to plan, outline and then refine trainings according to your participants’ prior knowledge, intercultural needs and performance and learning curves. You will learn when and how to use key methods in intercultural training. This includes dealing with critical incidents, cultural standards and cultural assimilators as well as the aspect of culture-specific and culture-general training. In addition, you will learn about modern, innovative blended learning concepts that increase the learning efficiency of your participants and make your training a special experience.


IBT/M4: Live Online Trainer/Moderator Skills (Websession + 2 days online training)

The Live Online Trainer/Moderator Skills module focuses on your trainer competence as an intercultural live online trainer and facilitator. You will practice targeted relationship building with the learning group as the basis of every successful live online session. You will stand on the virtual stage and receive intensive (video) feedback. To ensure sustainability and for self-reflection, you will receive your video recordings after the live sessions.
In addition, you will learn how to take the agenda from the beginning to a successful conclusion in live online workshops, with clearly defined actions and results. In this hands-on module, you will practice using appropriate online facilitation tools and techniques yourself in the role of an online facilitator and get helpful feedback on your facilitation skills. You will receive input on developing online workshops with virtual teams and learn how to manage difficult situations in online meetings and workshops.


IBTM5: Live Online Training Design & Activities: Developing Intercultural Trainings (Websession + 2 days online training)

In this module you will learn how to adapt simulations, exercises and activities to the context of live online learning as well as how to custom your approach to meet the needs of your group when developing your own live online exercises and simulations. Furthermore you will learn how to design your own online training by considering which formats and tools are available to you to make the interaction with the participants varied and brain-friendly. What you can do to achieve the most sustainable learning success possible. From suitable preparation and follow-up tasks to frequent participation activation as well as to the design of practice-relevant exercise scenarios. How to take research in recent brain research into account when planning your online teaching sequences.


IBTM/6: Evaluation & Certification (2 days face to face)

The completion of the training programme “Intercultural Business Trainer/Moderator (IBT/M)” consists of two parts: You will conduct a workshop in the training group and present your self-developed concept for an intercultural or international training project. The examination is conducted according to the standards and guidelines of the German Association for Intercultural Training Quality (DGIKT). After successful completion of the IBT/M Train-the-Trainer programme, participants receive a certificate from DGIKT e.V.


How do we work in the live face to face and live online modules?

In all of our training modules, we combine brief trainer inputs which are presented in relation to their relevance for the corporate context of the Intercultural Trainer/Moderator and with a high level of interaction and reflection, accompanied by practical exercises. This is followed by the essential phase of learning transfer, the integration of your lessons learned,  into your long-term success as an intercultural trainer/moderator.


What is the Blended Learning Package of the IBT/M programme?

Between the modules, you are able to ensure the sustainability of your learning through peer coaching, project work, video inputs and training content as well as active exchange and support in the virtual classroom of your learning group.


In the dedicated Virtual Classroom of your IBT/M learning group you will receive access to lots of interesting educasts videoss and content relevant to intercultural competence, train-the-trainer and moderation competence. You can study this material when and as often as you like to suit your own timetable and to support your learning success. You can download your training documentation from here, engage with the other members of your IBT/M learning group in the chat or post your thoughts and questions in the participants‘ forum, or share the results of your project work research.


In advance of most training modules, you will participate in a live websession with your learning group and a member of the trainer team. The websession takes place at a defined time as a live event in a virtual meeting room. The most important theoretical inputs and approaches concerning the upcoming live online training are discussed in an interactive exchange between the trainer and the participants.  

If you are unable to participate in one of the websessions, don’t worry! The websessions are usually recorded and you will have the opportunity to catch up by taking a look at the recording and the related video clips in your virtual classroom. This also provides the participants with the opportunity to reflect on and digest the content between the webinar and the face to face classroom training. This means more time for active doing in the training modeules and is also an ideal way of addressing participants’ specific questions and needs. To participate in the websessions, all you need is a computer with an internet connection and a headset.

Peer Coaching

Between the training modules, you will have the opportunity to ensure the sustainability of what you have learned in a ‘learning tandem‘, through Peer Coaching. You can meet your peer coaching partner face to face, online, via webconference or by telephone to gain valuable support in achieving learning transfer.

Project work

One of the core competencies you will develop in the IBT/M programme is the ability to design your own training courses. In the project work you will design your own training course or seminar using valid didactic criteria, which you will later present in your final exam presentation.


Who is the IBT/M Trainer team?

Your IBT/M trainers are a multicultural team consisting of renowned trainers with many years of experience as trainers, facilitators and coaches in international corporate business, Members of the IBT/M® trainer team deliver training, coaching and workshops. among others to participants from the following well-known companies and organisations: Google, the United Nations, Daimler AG, NTT DATA Vodafone GmbH, Hyundai Motors Europe, NTT DATA, Siemens, Global Savings Group, Itelligence AG, Klüber AG, Bio Rad GmbH, Kaspersky Lab, as well as in Universities and organisations such as the United Nations.

Your trainers:



Susanne Dranaz

Susanne has a bicultural background and many years of experience in international Business Training, workshop design and intercultural Business Training.  As a founder member of the IB/M Trainer team she carries the title of Queen of Training Design.




Hannah Lambeck

Hannah has years of experience as an intercultural trainer as well as as a Communications consultant in the corporate context. Furthermore, she is actively involved in training in the non-profit and university sector as well as in the development of intercultural training for Expats.



Brigitte Speicher

Brigitte has worked for many years as a trainer, coach and workshop moderator. As a founding member of the IBT/M trainer team she has always contributed her expertise in creating empathy in training and workshops as well as her train-the trainer and facilitator competence.



Gary Thomas

Gary is one of Europe’s most renowned international and intercultural trainers and has over 25 years of experience in international Human Resource Development. Gary trains and coaches Managers and teams worldwide in global corporations. He is a founding member of the IBT/M trainer team and is a Member of the Organisational Council of the Society for Intercultural Education, Training & Research  (SIETAR) Deutschland e.V, the largest organisation for intercultural education, training and research in the world.

How much does the IBT/M programme cost and what are your benefits?

The Intercultural Business Trainer/Moderator (IBT/M) Blended Live Online programme is extensive, demanding and in terms of the total hours of face-to-face and blended learning the a cost-effective and value for money programme of its kind in Europe:

  • Participation in 4 preparatory websessions 7-10 days before the training modules.
  • Access to the virtual classroom of your learning group with exciting contents and tasks.
  • Peer coaching between the training modules.
  • Project work between the training modules.
  • 6 days live online training and 8 days face to face classroom training in 6 modules held once or twice a year.
  • Intensive participant support: Small groups of max 14 participantsWith 9 participants or more usually with 2 trainers.
  • Training material and handouts to download.
  • Conference fee in the seminar location consisting of tea, coffee, soft drinks, lunch & snacks.
  • Certification to the criteria and standards of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für interkulturelle Trainingsqualität (DGIKT)

Your investment:  Intercultural Intercultural Business Trainer/Moderator (IBT/M) consists of €3790,- seminar fee. The fee is exempt from Value Added Tax according to the German § 4 Nr. 21 a) bb) UStG.

How can you get financial support or a discount?

As an accredited AZAV (Akkreditierungs- und Zulassungsverordnung Arbeitsförderung) training institution in Germany we have not only ensured the quality of our training , moreover  the IBT/M programme qualifies for the ‘Bildungsgutschein’. This means it is possible to acquire 100% funding for your participation in the IBT/M programme.

A payment in instalments is no problem. 

If you are in Germany you may well qualify for up to 100% funding: We accept the following:

  • Den Bildungsgutschein
  • Das Qualifzierungschancengesetz
  • Die Bildungsprämie
  • Baden-Württemberg Bildungsprämie
  • Bayerischer Bildungsscheck
  • Förderung im Land Brandenburg
  • Bremen Weiterbildungsscheck
  • Hamburger Weiterbildungsbonus
  • Hessen Qualifizierungsscheck
  • Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Bildungsscheck
  • Niedersachsen Bildungsprämie
  • Nordrhein-Westfalen Bildungsscheck
  • Rheinland-Pfalz Quali-Scheck
  • Saarland kdW
  • Sachsen Weiterbildungsscheck
  • Sachsen-Anhalt Weiterbildung DIREKT

If you are interested, we will be happy to advise you on the prerequisites you need to fulfill to receive this funding.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us here. We will be happy to help.

Our terms and conditions are available here. Our registration form you find here.

Where and when does the IBT/M programme take place?

We run 6 days of this IBT/M training live online and 8 days as face-to-face trainingdays. We conduct the face-to-face trainings in Freising near Munich – if possible within the Covid 19 pandemic – otherwise live online!).
Thanks to its proximity to Munich Airport, the venue offers optimal accessibility for our participants from all over Europe. The venue is the meeting place and conference hotel Viva-Vita in Freising (near Munich Airport).

Here are the next dates:

  • Module 1 IBT/M1: Intercultural Business Communication Basics (blended live online) 15.-16.11.2024
  • Module 2 IBT/M2: Train the Trainer/Moderator Skills (face to face) 12.-14.12.2024
  • Module 3 IBTM/3: Training Design & Activities (face to face) 16.-18.01.2025
  • Module 4 IBT/M4: Live Online Train the Trainer/Moderator Skills (blended live online) 14.-15.02.2025
  • Module 5 IBT/M5: Live Online Training Design & Activities (blended live online) 07.-08.03.2025 
  • Module 6 IBT/M6: Certification (face to face) 04.-05.04.2025 

What if you are unable to take part in one of the modules?

Get in touch with us: you can participate in the module at a later date and/or we will find a solution with individual coaching.

How can you find out more about the IBT/M programme without obligation?

Are you interested in the IBT/M programme? Give us a call on +49 5251 875432 or send us a mail to for a free, no obligation consultation. Here is our registration form.


How can you reserve a place in the IBT/M programme?

You would like to participate in the IBT/M programme and would first like to clarify your finances or look into funding? No problem, just give us a call +49 5251 875432 or send us an email We are happy to reserve you a place for a short time so that you can clarify your funding without any stress or worry.


How can you register for the IBT/M programme?

That’s easy. Just fill out the registration form or just send us a short email stating that you would like to register

Previous participants’ views on the IBT/M programme

Participants’ testimonials 

Interviews with recent participants: