Hybrid Live Training (HyLT)


Our approach to hybrid training enables the active inclusion and involvement both of participants present in the training room as well as participants joining live online. Particular focus on short, concise interactive input sessions and frequent hybrid breakout sessions optimises participant-centered learning in the hybrid environment


Can hybrid training really be effective? – The short answer is yes!

Your virtual team is faced with several inherent challenges: Establishing a sense of identity and belonging to ensure everyone is the working towards a common goal which provides the basis to motivate the team to reach high performance standardsBuilding trusting relationships between those involved in the project  to ensure the strong relationships that carry the team to high performance. Thirdly the team members need to reach consensus on how they can communicate with each other most effectively across the miles and agree on a functioning approach to feedback to avoid unnecessary friction. Our kick-off workshop addresses these issues and challenges systematically. 

Can hybrid training really be effective? – The short answer is yes!
Many participants in hybrid training are often left feeling like bystanders, lost and disengaged without active involvement, struggle to follow what is happening in the training room as the approach taken is the same as for ordinary live training. Hybrid training can be a highly effective and highly efficient way to engage both your onsite and your online participants by taking into account that hybrid training really is different.


How is hybrid training different from live face-to-face training?

Hybrid requires a different approach than live training which is easy to underestimate. Firstly, really good hybrid training requires the use of the right technology, including 360° cameras supported by good audio sound, cameras and lighting to allow the online participants to follow and engage in the input sessions, as well as good audio microphones, speakers and webcams and online collaboration tools for the breakout sessions.

We supply the technology! In our Hybrid Live Training (HYLT) our trainers come equipped with the required technology to make your training event work properly.

Secondly, effective and engaging hybrid training requires a different training design, with a stronger focus on hybrid breakout sessions and small group work combining onsite and offsite participants.

As you can imagine, really good hybrid training requires even more preparation than face-to-face training. The results of the extra effort in time, effort, energy and resources are certainly worth the effort.

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How do we design Hybrid Live Training (HyLT)?

We bring the expertise and also the technology! With our Hybrid Live Training (HyLT), our facilitators are equipped with the necessary hybrid facilitation expertise as well as the required technology including 360° cameras, hands-free devices, webcams and collaboration software to make your team workshop a success.

The duration of your Hybrid Live Training (HyLT) depends on your specific goals and needs.

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