Break the deadlock in your intercultural conflicts.


What can you expect from your intercultural Mediation Workshop? 

In this workshop, we analyse the current situation in your international team and take a close look together at the background issues involved. All team members have an opportunity to reflect on the different behaviours in the team and decide together on helpful and constructive changes. Furthermore, we examine the communication culture in the team and how this may be optimized. 


Above all, time is taken and a safe space is created to address current and past challenges and misunderstandings.
The cultural differences of the team colleagues are regarded as an opportunity that enriches the team through diversity. Constructive feedback is recognised as an important method to widen your perspective and in doing so to strengthen the whole team. 

Furthermore, strategies for handling conflict in future are developed, based on past experiences, through communicating with each other respectfully to optimise the team performance potential. The different expectations from the team members are compared with the demands on the team, and from this measures can be drawn which improve the ability to work well together. 

This leads to improved teamwork, and current challenges and issues from your daily business are resolved through mediation. 

The focus of the training is:

  • Our perceptions of our current situation. 
  • Addressing our current issues constructively and consciously 
  • Increasing a sense of belonging and trust in our cross-cultural team 
  • Creating mutual respect in our intercultural 
  • Aligning an agreement for a conflict-free future in our team 
  • Strategies for preventing and managing future conflicts