Make your workshops more effective and more interesting with AI tools.


What can you expect in the AI toolbox for workshop facilitation training?

In this AI workshop facilitation toolbox training, you will learn how to apply AI to lead and influence your audience and convince them to act. Moreover, you will discover how to augment your existing workshop methodologies for topic gathering, idea generation, clustering and topic handling with time-efficient and dynamic AI tools.
Additionally, you will learn how to use fascinating AI tools to transform and enrichen your workshops at every step.

The focus of this training is:

  • Understanding how AI tools can support the design and implementation of your workshop
  • Using AI to summarize & structure pre-workshop interviews
  • Generative AI tools for optimizing workshop agendas and scheduling activities
  • AI-powered tools for idea generation
  • AI tools for topic gathering
  • AI tools for text clustering and topic -handling in workshops
  • Applying AI to gain diverse perspectives of absent third parties
  • AI tools for creativity and visualization
  • AI tools for perspective change (Socratic dialogue, Devil’s Advocate’, 6 thinking hats)
  • AI tools for creating and structuring results

Get to know us

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How do we train?

We offer this Blended Online Live Training (BOLT) as in-house live face-to-face training, or a live online training solution or indeed as hybrid training consisting of participants attending face-to-face and others joining live online.

Your learning process is complemented by selected pre- and post-training asynchronous learning elements in your dedicated virtual classroom

The format, contents and duration of your BOLT learning solution is aligned with you and optimized to meet your needs and your participants’ learning objectives.

You can choose from the following languages for your live online or live face-to-face training: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Turkish.

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