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NEW dates for 2024 



18.03.2024 *delivered* How to detect manipulation in LinkedIn posts

15.04.2024 *delivered* Change Management in the context of the current socio-political environment in Germany

13.05.2024 *delivered* Matrix Leadership Success Factors

10.06.2024 *delivered* Lateral Leadership Success Factors

01.07.2024 – *cancelled* Hybrid Leadership Success Factors


How to Detect Manipulation in LinkedIn Posts
In today’s socio-political climate in Germany, where emotions run high and LinkedIn is flooded with content that is often more persuasive than factual, we have created a free webinar to share our observations. Join us for an enlightening one-hour session where we’ll uncover the strategies used to sway opinions with alternative truths. Learn to recognize misleading information and protect your professional integrity online.

Change Management in the Context of the Current Socio-Political Environment in Germany
In the evolving socio-political climate, understanding the ongoing change process can be incredibly helpful. In this compelling one-hour session, we will explore how different models of Change Management help us comprehend the current transformations and identify areas for improvement. Join the conversation and be part of the change.

Matrix Leadership Success Factors
As the business world becomes increasingly global, many corporations are embracing matrix structures to optimize their resources and remain competitive. This shift brings its own set of inherent challenges, which we will examine in this one-hour webinar. You will receive an overview of the key success factors that enable global corporations to thrive within a matrix setup.

Lateral Leadership Success Factors
In today’s global business environment, the trend towards maintaining flat hierarchies and accelerating work processes has given rise to the concept of lateral leadership. This approach, while beneficial in fostering agility and innovation, also presents challenges. In this one-hour free learning webinar session, we’ll provide actionable insights on how to effectively manage these challenges, from developing trust and enhancing collaboration to ensuring swift decision-making and maintaining team spirit.

Hybrid Leadership Success Factors
In the evolving post-COVID world, the return to the workplace has highlighted a variety of wishes, needs, and preferences. The transition to hybrid working models presents both challenges and opportunities. In this one-hour free learning session, we will reflect on some important aspects of leading a successful hybrid team, including the benefits, challenges, and strategies needed to address diverse team needs and enhance productivity.


We feel there is a need to take a stand.

Our freelearning offering has been an absolutely free service since 2016.

Due to the current political climate in our home base country of Germany, we have made a decision regarding eligibility for participation in Freelearning.

We would kindly request that right wing extremists as well as members and voters of far right political parties do not take part in Freelearning. Racist and xenophobic views are in contrast with our values in the different divisions of assist GmbH

Anybody disturbing a freelearning event with far right, racist, sexist or homophobic views will be removed immediately.