assist International HR stands for over 20 years of experience in international human resource development. 


Our Mission – We help you grow:

The assist international HR team consists of experienced, professional business trainers, facilitators, coaches and consultants. 

How we assist you

  • We work in close long-term partnerships with our customers 
  • We focus on assisting your long-⁠term international business success 
  • We listen to you and develop the right solution for you in dialogue and exchange 
  • We are your professional and trustworthy partner with many years of experience
  • We are committed to Blended Live Online Solutions to optimise the efficiency and sustainability of your face-to-face training or live online training 
  • We constantly focus on the practical benefits for the participants and your enterprise. 

Who are our trainers?

Our trainers are highly qualified and experienced skills developers with business experience. They bring a wide range of practical experience as well as scientifically well-founded know-how. They understand how to lead international projects and in the management of intercultural teams.

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Gary Thomas: Chief Executive Officer and Principle Trainer
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at assist GmbH. Principle Trainer at assist International Human Resources 

BA (Hons). Certified intercultural trainer/coach (dgikt). Certified Human Resource Manager. Certified NLP Trainer (DVNLP and INLPTA). 
Certified Mediator (BM). Member of the Organisational Council of SIETAR Germany (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research).  

Over 30 years’ experience as a trainer and coach. 

Author of the topselling books: Die virtuelle Katastrophe: Wie Sie Teams über Distanz erfolgreich führen sowie ‘Virtually Disastrous: What you really need to know about leadership across distance. 

Focus at assist International HR: Leadership training, Management consultant training, executive coaching, intercultural train-the-trainer programmes, and mediation global workshop  

Speaker at congresses and events on International Human Resource Development topic. 

Project languages: English, German and French. 

Member of the Organisational Council of SIETAR Germany, Society for intercultural Education, Training and Research, the world’s largest organization for intercultural exchange. 

Sigi Demetz: Senior Trainer
Graduate in Electrical Engineering (TU),Certified NLP Trainer to the standards of the DVNLP and the INLPTA,

Long years of international experience as trainer and coach and as a management consultant in a large consultancy Project Manager in international projects. Italian citizen.

Focus at assist International HR: International Soft Skills.

Project/seminar languages: Italian, German, English & Spanish.

Susanne Dranaz: Principal Trainer

Accredited Intercultural Trainer (dgikt). Graduate in Mathematics. 

Certified NLP Trainer to the standards of the DVNLP and the INLPTA, certified Business Mediator (BMWA), certified Supervisor (DGSv). 

Long years of experience as a moderator and trainer, intercultural trainer-trainer as well as a Project Manager and Consultant in an IT company. German and Turkish citizen. 

Focus at assist International-HR: Intercultural project management, intercultural mediation and intercultural trainer-training.  

Project/seminar languages: German, English and Turkish 

Emily Slate: Senior Trainer
M.A., Psychology.

Many years of experience as a trainer, consultant and in the Management of international projects. American citizen.

Focus at assist International HR: Intercultural management, intercultural competence and intercultural training USA; Germany, Russia.

Project/seminar languages: English native speaker, German, Russian.

Brigitte Speicher: Senior Trainer
Approved intercultural Trainers Trainer. Consultant Psychologist (VGH/DGMT), certified systemic business coach (dvct), certified NLP-Trainerin of the DVNLP and the INPLTA.

Long years of experience as a trainer and moderator in team building and team development. German citizen:

Focus at assist International-HR: Virtual teams, intercultural team development, intercultural trainer training and moderation training. 

Project/seminar languages: German and English.

Dagobert Speicher
Dr. phil hc (su), Diplom Betriebswirt, certified systemic business coach (dvct), certified NLP-Master-Practitioner of Business Communication (DVNLP).

Long years of experience as a trainer and moderator in holistic personality development and health management.

German citizen.

Focus at assist International HR: Executive coaching & leadership.

Project/seminar languages: English and German.

Lisa Kreuz
Certified Intercultural Business Trainer/Moderator (DGIKT). NLP-Master-Practitioner of Business Communication (DVNLP), certified Moderator of Business & Communication.

Long years of experience as an Office Manager.

Focus at assist International-HR: Office Management, Organisation and Marketing

Simona Fabellini: Project Manager
Dr. phil., Studies in Romance languages and English. Certified Intercultural Trainer (dgikt).

Long years of experience as lecturer/teacher in higher education as well as in innovation of virtual learning tools. German and Italian Citizen.

Focus at assist International HR: Intercultural Project Management in the European context, Coordinator for assist Virtual Campus (aVC).

Project/seminar languages: German, Italian and English.

Hannah Lambeck: Principal Trainer

B.A. International Communication, certified Intercultural Business Trainer and Moderator (DGIKT).

Long years of international experience as communications consultant,  Trainer in higher education as well as for companies. Developing intercultural trainings for expats. German citizen.

Focus at assist: international business skills, intercultural sensibilisation, intercultural leadership & teamwork, communication training for expats and expat partners, international trade fair. Part of the IBT/M trainer team.

Project languages: German, English, Spanish, Dutch.

Anna Inama: Senior Trainer

Master’s in Business Coaching and Organisational Development, qualified MBTI facilitator, certified Business Coach (ICF, EMCC).

Over 20 year’s business line experience in multinational organisations. Coach, Facilitator and Trainer for leaders and their teams.

Focus areas at assist International: MBTI, Business Coaching, High Performance Teams,  Intercultural Management and Competence (particularly UK and Germany), Coach Training.

Project Languages: English mother tongue, German, French.

Frank Beckmann: Senior Trainer
Graduated Chemist (M. Sc.), Communications consultant and trainer according to Prof. Schulz von Thun, certified Intercultural Business Trainer and Moderator (DGIKT) and Certified Systemic Business Coach.
Several years of international experience as a partner consultant in Istanbul, managing director of a German-Turkish business consultancy company.
Focus on assist International: negotiation and sales training in an intercultural context, leadership training, tradefair-training.
Project Languages: German, English, Turkish.

Christiena Kirchhoff: Senior Trainer
BA in Business Administration with focus on International Business, certified Intercultural Business Trainer/Moderator (DGIK), license for Intercultural Readiness CheckÒ (IRC), certified Trainer Business English and English for Special Purposes.
German/US-American citizen with a bicultural and bilingual background in the USA and since 1997 in Germany. Over 10 years’ experience as a Product- and Project-Manager in international firms. Living and working experience in Japan. Long year business experience in multinational organizations as a Business Trainer, Coach and Consultant. 
Focus on assist International: training in an intercultural context, IRC, coaching.
Project Languages: German, English. 

Our support team: 

Lisa Kreuz: Back Office Manager

Certified Intercultural Business Trainer/Moderator (DGIKT). NLP-Master-Practitioner of Business Communication (DVNLP), certified Moderator of Business & Communication. 

Long years of experience as an Office Manager. 

Focus at assist International-HR: Office Manager, Organisation and Marketing


Gabriele GreffHead Office Assistant

Focus at assist International-HR:Secretary, office administration and bookkeeping


Kian ThomasJunior Back Office Support 

Focus at assist International HRJunior support staff