Learn how to apply WIN-WIN strategies following the Harvard Principles. Improve your ability to negotiate and find your negotiation style.



What can you expect from our Negotiation training?

The aim of this negotiation training course is to implement your strategic planning in negotiations with customers, providers or co-workers to reach your goals. Convincing argumentation, handling concerns, reaching consensus and closing the deal. In short, you will examine negotiation techniques and learn the right negotiation approach and language to bring your negotiations to a successful conclusion, including from an intercultural point of view.

The focus of the training is:

  • Preparing for negotiation
  • Defining and recognising desired negotiation outcomes
  • Developing a successful negotiation strategy
  • The Harvard negotiation model in practice
  • The power of the  ‘Best Alternative’
  • Inquiring about interests  instead of fighting for positions
  • Handling objections and resistance constructively
  • Recognising and neutralising unfair negotiation strategies

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How do we train?

We offer this Blended Online Live Training (BOLT) as an in-house live face-to-face training or live online training solution, augmented by selected pre- and post-post training asynchronous learning elements in your dedicated virtual classroom

The format, content and duration of your BOLT learning solution is aligned with you and optimized to meet your needs and your participants’ learning objectives. 
You can choose from the following languages for your live online or live face-to-face training: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Turkish. 

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