Develop your solution for your specific management challenges.

What can you expect from Executive Coaching?                                                        

 Executive Coaching works on the principle that the coachees already have the resources and skills required to lead successfully. Through the application of coaching dialogue strategies and question techniques, the coachees develop solutions for their very specific management challenges. This approach is supported by situation-specific theory which is selected to suit the goals of the coaching that have been determined in advance. As the leadership situation of the manager can change constantly, the goals of each session are redefined and clarified in advance of each session.

How do we coach?

Face-to-face coaching

Individual coaching sessions remain the primary element of any effective coaching process. The goals and content of each session is decided and agreed between coachee and coach for each session. The coaching is usually augmented by post session reflection tasks to support the Manager‘s implementation.

Blended coaching

Many Managers enjoy the opportunity of a concise exchange with their coach in between the coaching sessions. This can be arranged strategically at pre-defined intervals or flexibly when the coachee needs specific coaching consultation for specific events during daily business.

Duration of the coaching

The length of the coaching is defined with the coachee, depending on the goals and content to be achieved. We often recommend one coaching session a month with fortnightly intermediate online coaching over 4-6 months.

Coaching with Insights Discovery

We also offer coaching using the personality profile tool Insights Discovery. This instrument is rooted in Jung’s psychological theories and works with his Model of Four Colour Energies. The model analyses personal preferences which, in a second step, are evaluated online. The results are summarized in preference-profiles which show the personality’s strengths and weaknesses. These are also explained in a written report of 20-40 pages, forming an excellent foundation for a coaching process
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Coaching with the Intercultural Readiness Check

The Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC), is one of the leading tools for intercultural competence analysis. The IRC is an ideal instrument to analyse your intercultural skills base and to develop your ability to manage cultural diversity.
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Coaching languages

We offer coaching in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Turkish.

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