I would like to tell you about a very exciting project we at assist International Human Resources feel proud and privileged to be currently involved in. The project is called Vocal in Need, and the aim is to develop online learning material and a smartphone app  for those working with migrants and refugees, to make communication easier and indeed to make integration smoother.

As the project is financed by the European Union, I am delighted to say that the online training modules and the smartphone app will be free to use after completion in the Autumn of this year. The project runs until the end of September

The online material will be helpful to you  if you are a member of security staff working as police or  border guard the VOCAL IN NEED resources can help you to interact better with migrants, refugees and other foreign nationals who don’t speak your language and don’t know your culture.

If you are a job coach / counsellor / educator / trainer working for an NGO or a non-profit organisation, the VOCAL IN NEED resources can help you to overcome language and cultural challenges when dealing with migrants and refugees

If you are the manager of an agency offering services for migrants and refugees the VOCAL IN NEED online tools can help your staff when dealing with people with different cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

The Online training modules are accessible from any device and are developed to be user-friendly , containing vocabulary, useful phrases, scenarios/virtual tours, exercises and cultural information;

App for smartphones

(Mobile assistant) containing useful key phrases and words (with respective audio recording in foreign languages) to help security and agency staff in overcoming language barriers. It will operate as a valuable resource to improve understanding.


The VOCAL IN NEED training modules will be available in the following languages: Arabic, Bulgarian, English, German, Italian, Lithuanian, Russian, Turkish.

The partnership involves the following partners, I need to ask your forgiveness for how I pronounce some of these organisations.

Institute of Technology Tralee Ireland, which works as the Coordinator,  The Hochschule der sächsischen Polizei, which is the university of the Police in Saxony, Germany,  Danmar computers in Poland,  MYKOLAROMERIS UNIVERSITY
Vilnus, Lithuania FormAzione Co&So Network, Florence, Italy,  UNIVERSITY OF PLOVDIV,  Bulgaria, Esenler Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu,  and Die Berater from Vienna and of course assist International HR.

So, coming soon, available from October this year, great new resources for you to use, thanks to the European Union and the incredibly hard work of all those involved.